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We've never been there before, its our first time "Zaron- Maxi Blend Compact Powder"

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

 We were minding our own business, until  Zaron - Maxi Blend Compact Powder  seduced us!


Don't save us we dont want be save.... 📷

📷It could have been you but this product chose us, so here we were falling heads over heels with its packaging. It comes in a solid black case complete with a mirror and applicator sponge. They kept it really simple. It’s also lightweight which makes it very easy to carry around.

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According to Zaron

"its mattifying powder is specially formulated for the woman of color. It blots out oily shine and easily loosens such that it can have the same effect that loose powder has, giving the matte finishing" ...

Two important elements:

- it does not feel cakey

- good for your pores 👀👌😍😍 

Plus it smells in its smeeeeellllllllssssss goooooooooodddddd

With the range of colour/shades available looking for the right one to take home will become a thing of the past for those who have embraced Zaron.


It’s a great product and the brand is gradually building within Nigeria 👀👀

So well done sir

Well done ma

Thank you so much for visiting.

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