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The Last Stand!!


They’ve always said you can’t save people. 

We must first save ourselves. We disagree!! We think you can save people in more ways than none. Maybe not always, but sometimes.

Most of the time there’s someone you can save. With your words, heart, or smile. There is power in these things, use them.


People deserve to be saved.

You also can’t be the high-ethics Accountant who just this one time lets an accounting fraud slide.


“Stand up for what is right regardless of who is committing the wrong.” Suzy Kassam

To really stand for something, you must make difficult decisions, mostly about what you don’t do. 

We don’t ship products like that!!

Without question, standing up for what is right is much easier to do when you are standing up against people that you know to be pure evil.


However, standing up for what is right can feel much more difficult when it means you have to stand up against people who are decent people but who’ve chosen to do bad things.


When good people start doing bad things it is a slippery slope.

It’s not always easy saving people. Not everyone wants to be saved, but you can try. You must try. Please, try anyways.

We don’t always notice the ones who need saving. Sometimes they’re the strong ones. The strongest person you may know. 

But there are others too. Look for the half smiles and sad eyes. The ones who cry their selves to sleep at night. Let them show you their closet, where they’ve been hiding all their belongings. Let them know they can unpack them here. That here is good, and safe. They are safe.

We don’t want to change you or make you feel less than you are.

Stop leaving and running. Wear your scars. The scars that you carry inside. From the lies, the loss, the hurt, the lonely. 

They are your trophies.


They are your proof that you survived. No-one can take them away from you.

Save the people.

We all need someone to pick us, to choose us, to want us. Offer your hope and guidance. Be a lifeline to the broken and disheartened.

They’ve always said you can’t save people. We must save ourselves. We disagree. We think you can save people. In more ways than none.

Shaping the future

Be the mother that loves, even with all of your trials and lessons. When you wanted to give up, you pushed and move ahead. 

Your ability to help shape their young mind and allow them to blossom is a mere miraculous gift.  You also have the privilege of teaching them self-love and self-respect at an early age.

Only you know from birth how valued they are, and they have a valid place in this world


#You’reflawless and you are #TheLastStand

Why you stayed on…

You walked away from work today at a crossroad. 

Should you stick to the profession or find a new one. If you stay you would need another reason to be there. 

The situation in the classroom was pretty bleak but as the weeks went on, it became evident there was no hope or future for the students. Suddenly, you realised that teaching could not be about the subject your teaching had to be about the students. 

So, you gave yourself an ultimatum. You needed to be there for the students or leave. 

You stayed on till today.


#You’reflawless and you are #TheLastStand

Difficult decisions

These are the decisions that are forced on us, the ones that feel unfair, the ones where there are no seemingly good outcomes.

But ultimately we reach a crossroad and a decision must be made.

#You’reflawless and you are #TheLastStand

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