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The birth of Naija.


Dear Naija, if you are reading this it means that we had failed you and we could no longer shield you from the reality of life.📷

Our words in this letter is to provide you with an understanding of your birth and who you are.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. In the morning of that day, I said to myself today would be different, it has to be. I know what I needed to do. I would smile, and it would be believable. The smile would say “Hi everyone, I’m ok and don’t worry”.

Today, I would start afresh, be someone new, it’s the only way I would get through. I would escape the reality of my environment.

📷But, I couldn’t have been more wrong, I thought I could smile my way through it and pretend like it would all be okay. I thought my plan would work, because I would be in disguise, I would wear a mask, if only I could change who I was. Maybe create a life through someone new, someone without the baggage of the past, without the pain, be someone that can live without a care, maybe, someone alive.

But I couldn't do it, my daughter, the bad things stay with you, they follow you. No matter how hard you try. You can’t escape them, as much as you want to. All you can do is be ready for the good, and the future. So when it comes, you invite it in because you need it and it helps you to grow.

My daughter (Naija) I remember the pain of your birth. My contractions were three minutes apart and they were doubling and tripling on each other. Before a contraction ended, another was beginning. The hours  that past were all a blur for me. Nothing could ease the searing and life draining pain that shot through my body.


Naija!! your birth was a roller coaster. In between contractions I could rest, but pushing was hard, and atimes, I didn’t want to do it anymore. But the urgency of your life meant that I had to push. I gave it everything I had. After bit of a burning sensation and a lot of pressure, you were born. 

As soon as you came out, a flow of relief washed over me and meeting you for the first time was amazing🌞🌝.

Naija you were beautiful, O my daughter. When you turned your eyes towards me they overcome me and I was overwhelmed. Your hair were like a flock of goats that appear from Gilead. Your teeth are as a flock of sheep which go up from the washing.

As a piece of a pomegranate were your temples within their locks. There were threescore queens, and fourscore concubines, and virgins without number. But you Naija, my dove, my undefiled is but one. You are the only one of mine, and in pain I bare you.

Nations saw you, and blessed you; yea!! kings and queens praised you. Your smile were fair as the moon and clear as the sun.

But Naija, I'm sorry that we all failed you.  Your uncle called LOVE  abandoned you, 


your aunty COMFORTER took her delight away from you, your cousin KNOWLEDGE no longer writes to you, your niece and nephew no longer speak your MOTHER TONGUE.

Who can blame your family members? 

  • Naija!! myself and your father can no longer provide you with the resources to grow. We simply cannot pay for electricity for you to enjoy some of life’s necessities and pleasures. I constantly worry about how you would survive on these dangerous roads.

  • Naija be careful not to talk to strangers, I cannot afford to lose you to cultists or early death. I have no other daughter.

  • They say the future is bright, but I'm afraid that myself and your father cannot provide the best education for you, so we do not expect you to amount to anything in life. Its in tears I write this as I come to the realisation of your future.

But Naija, you can be different. You can re-write the wrongs of us and your forefathers. If only you can find the courage within.


My daughter immerse yourself in all of the wisdom you can get and afford, for they would take you far in life. Your father and I want you to discover yourself and the truth of how beautiful and amazing life can be – and how powerful, worthy and divine YOU really are!

Be better than us

We read the same book but couldn't find any value, but if you can find it within yourself and transform your mind, maybe you be able see what we fail to find. You are the hope and light of the future, we saw this at your birth.  


There is a saying which goes: If you don’t know where you are going, you may end up where you are coming from.


Myself and your father didn’t know what true dreams or desires were, so we floated along, doing what everyone told us to do and copying other people.We didn't have a clue who we were.

But if you can find yourself, Naija!! you would get to have a purpose filled life and the true meaning of living. 

Take care of your mind.

Rather than just living and then going unconscious for the rest of the day, be mindful my daughter.

Take a deep breath and notice your environment, pay full attention to whatever you are doing — cooking, listening to someone, studying. We need you to be great, you are the hope we are all waiting for. Our messiah. 


Naija!! this morning was different, we felt a changed, and we can sense it. We are awake, we are not only breathing, and WE ARE ALIVE for the first time, in a long time. We feel completely and undeniably ALIVE. For once, we didn't regret the day before it began. We welcome it with our arms wide opened and it felt good.

So as the new year approaches, we don't want you to make promises you can't keep. But we want you to make life resolution that would transform your life 


Your name is NAIJA and you are our last hope.

Thank you so much for visiting.

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