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Survived [Merry Christmas] 👄💗😍🙌

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Holidays are about celebrating.


All around the world, people from different cultures are celebrating Christmas. For us the holidays has always been a consistent event, it's a time family reunite, presents are shared, the smell of Christmas food in the making. But, Christmas hasn’t been the “picture-perfect” holiday that we now come to know as an adult. 

Nevertheless, we are reminded at Christmas, we were given the gift of the Christ child and a promise. At the heart of Christmas, the message is the story of a family. The family is, of course, the cornerstone of society and its experience we all go through; almost all of us come from one.

But in the mist of all the fun, some of us will be reminded of our past mistakes, our misadventures this year. 


We all make stupid mistakes. And that’s usually a good thing. Many simple mistakes are obvious once you see them – but there are other almost impossible to detect and when you do its too late….they suck out your precious energy and make you feel awful inside.

One way or the other, we have all received some bad news this year. Do you remember sitting there, your face is numb, biting your lip to distract yourself, but there is no sensation.

You have not yet mentally processed all the information been given to you, and all you want to do is scream and the only strength you had left you to use it to roll back the tears.


 It’s all over. In the space of about ten minutes, everything went from normal to pitch black. It felt like your life was slipping away and you had to accept it.

"Why me? What have I done to deserve this?"

There is an answer.

You are alive. 

To exist is to suffer 

We can't enjoy the sun-filled ups without surviving the cloudy days. This is what it means to be alive and to survive.

The human mind is resilient💥💪😍😍😌. “Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. 

Our Story of Resilience

Every day is a hard battle to not give up and not feed into the lies, doubt, self-defeating prophecy. Your reality is a case of what you project to the world. No one can prepare you for life, no one can teach how to validate yourself during rejection.

But what good will come out of obsessing over things you have no control over? Of course, sometimes these thoughts are unavoidable. However, we have found a good way of redirecting those negative thoughts. 


Gratitude is the act of being thankful for what you have and noticing the simple pleasures in life. Being grateful helps us shift our focus from what our life lacks to what we already have.

Gratitude, even when it’s tough. When all is going really well, it’s easy to practice gratitude, but that ease can disappear as soon as tragedy or misfortune strikes. We hope that gratitude is a beacon of bright shining light that eliminates shadows and darkness.



It is not necessary easy to understand the cause of the problem.

No matter what else is happening, you are at least doing one thing right in your life.

No matter how badly you think your life may be going, or how messed up you think you are, there is at least one thing you are doing right in your life or you would not be alive in this moment.

You don’t need us to ask you what you are thankful for this Christmas, we are just glad that you #survived.

Merry Christmas!



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