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My PRIDE is everything


"...because how you do anything is how you do everything"

I think you're wrong when you say pride is a sin.

Sinful pride is self-centred and boastful, these are the thing makes us take credit for everything we are and everything we do. The tragedy is that these set of pride blinds us to our faults. More than that, these set of pride blinds us to our need for God. 

It is the set of those pride that are dead-end road, and eventually it catches up with us.

Can Pride Be a Good Thing?

We pick and choose which things we’ll do our best at and the things we’ll only do well enough to get by, pretending we can balance it. But an half baked bread will never be good enough to eat; therefore an half-hearted living is like a slow-acting poison—it penetrates your mind over weeks and months, until one day you wake up and realize…… are not winning in life. 

You are the undefeated, unchallenged champion of nothing but emptiness.


Well, we think pride is a healthy thing, because it makes us want to work harder and become a better person. I think it's good for us to take pride in our accomplishments.

Do you ever stop and give yourself a pat on the back for all that you accomplished?

If not, you are not alone! For us, once we complete one goal, our mind moves immediately to what the next goal will be and start working on it.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you’re forgetting to do something that may seem small but actually makes a big difference in how you view yourself: and that is, taking pride in what you do


If you stop yourself every now and then to look at how far you’ve come, that should make you feel pretty good, right?

Some people did not go to university due to different circumstances. Some students are naturally very smart and learn things very quickly. 

The point is, whatever talent you possess, embrace it, because there is a very high chance that there is someone out there wishing they were able to do what you can. Sure, there will always be someone out there better than you, but there isn’t another you out here?


The last time we checked, we could not find your doubleganger (double or counterpart of a living person. Someone that looks like you and talks like you)

So, taking pride in what you do should help you build confidence, self-esteem, and all that positive energy will pass on to everyone around you! If you feel proud of who you are and all that you’ve done, and you can focus more on the positive qualities than the negative, then you are on your way to living an overall successful life!

Here is how it works:

Monday to Friday represents = 5 days / 7days = 70% of your time. 

Only 24 hours in a day

8 hours sleeping

4 hours in traffic going or coming back from work/business

8 hours @ working hating every moment

2 hours to eat or prepare food

Only 2 hours left for yourself.


It all comes down to pride; it is something one invests in and ensures it is visibly demonstrated. 

You own it. Your name is on it: Everything that you do, awesome or pathetic, it has your name on it. People can contribute to the success and failure of it. It matters. Everything that you do. That trivial piece of work for a client, your contribution to society, or the flawless makeup you give to your client on her wedding day. 


Only you own that success; be proud of that.

Therefore lack of demonstration of pride in the good things that matter, simply says that either you  have nothing to inspire to be or you contribute nothing to move society forward. Either way, it’s best you go do something else; you are simply on the at wrong place dragging yourself and everyone around you down.

HOW you can use your PRIDE to work for you?

If you want to be happy and to be satisfied with your life, you will have to root out your internal old way of life, and build a new set of standards. You will have to stop judging yourself. This will probably be the most difficult task you have ever undertaken, and it is very doubtful that you will be able to achieve a state of non-self-judgment.

Most people live their lives with notions of success that mean showing others how well they have done. Most people compare themselves to others as a means of proving they are successful. This is a trap, because you never feel like you’ve done well enough if you compare yourself to others.

So here we all are, how could we go beyond the old method and build on something better….


Build a reputation on good work: Positive energy and demonstrated positivity comes from ownership. Be the best you can be – alert, lively, enthusiastic, knowledgeable. Show a hunger for learning and a passion for improvement.

Build a reputation for being the best that you can be, and take pride in that reputation. It’s true that those who are passionate about quality and growth, bring that energy to every table they sit on. No one likes an average somebody.

Improve every day: Be the person who creates value in everything that has your involvement. Build better things- Build that reputation, embrace the opportunity to grow and be proud of it.

Embrace your role: Irrespective of your position or years of experience, you are a vital link in the chain. Recognize your importance in the larger picture, look like you matter and get in the game. What you do every day at work matters. You are crucial to things happening, be proud of that...

Be a positive force: Be aware and demonstrate a keen sense of being positive at work. Embrace our culture and vision of the future. Your environment is where you make it; take pride in being a positive force at work, at home, in Nigeria.

We repeat again..

If you want to be happy and to be satisfied with your life, you will have to root out your internal old way of life, and build a new set of standards. 

Thank you so much for visiting.

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