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How we went from 0-60 with Kiss Beauty - Green Tea Makeup Setting Spray.

Updated: Dec 9, 2018


Today’s post is about a product we had set our eyes upon for a while now, Kiss Beauty Spray. Well to be precise,  Kiss Beauty Green Tea Make Up Fix Spray 


Our first take of the product as always was the packaging, we at NDK Flawless fell in love right off the bat - with the bottle, especially it being transparent 💁so you can see the content and exactly what is left, plus the size it came in at 220ml, this simply means it’s going to last for a while which is very economical. Click here to buy

However, sadly we were a little disappointed with the spraying function of the bottle but still didn’t put us off. The issue here is that it doesn’t come out evenly when sprayed, just mean whilst we wanted to spray a little we found our tester face drowning in the squirt.

Quick tip on how to spray to prolong the spray 

  • Highlighting and contouring, spray a good portion (3-4 sprays) on a beauty blender. 

  • 2-3 on brushes when applying my eyeshadows and highlighters.

  • Then we sprayed the whole face to eliminate any cakey look and make the makeup last longer. 

We observed that the makeup lasts for a longer time now and it’s still intact! Therefore, we cannot help to say this product was worth the price given what you getting and the quantity and quality of it.

Thank you so much for visiting.

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